break every single window in your own home
hang on to a dandelion ledge that could just blow away
a shotgun heartbeat to call my own
every emotion is here to stay
ride out the storm together
for 1 + 1 equals two
your brain is lighter than a feather
but one slip can turn it to stew
I have to keep on chanting
to keep the demons at bay
this realistic thoughts keep on dancing
and I’m going to make them pay
the ramblings of a mad man
his mind on a different planet
away from myself I ran 
not enough time to scan it
copy all my feelings from indie films
I’ve seen in the past few weeks
controlled nonsense pushing uphill
I don’t know what i seek
happiness is not simple
not am I sane
for reality starts to crumbling
life is a g-g-g-g-game
i’m colder in summer
than I am tucked in, in bed
and all of this trauma
is inside my fragile head
if you could break open my skull 
you’d see a painted picture
and my cup is half full
so the sky begins to rupture
why can’t i have pretty things
to call mine
I dream of wings
a sign
on and on my heart beat races
like a horse in heat
I keep on seeing your faces
and hoping that again we meet
I want eternity to remember us
like a artifact
but like a speeding bus
my reputation is attacked
"go away foul creatures
you do not exist”
students outrun their teachers 
several snakebites hissed
life is yours to choose 
pick the right pill 
you will be my muse
and soon your cup will fill

Sluts and Shame. A poem by Conner Morris

1: I’m burning up, guilt free. 
A sweaty mess of beauty.
a mix of endorphins and dopa-mine. 
the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. 
Use her up like ink in a pen. 
say I love her now and again.
To try and sustain this thing with we have.
1 + 1, you do the math. 

2: This whole system is insane.
my feelings overtaken by my second brain.
I don’t know which emotions to trust.
Is this love or is this lust.
I tried following my heart once before.
should I just decompose and count the score.
become a lifeless, plain, boring wreck.
as my kisses decorate your neck.

3: I use my body to mask my feelings.
is this outfit too revealing?
to show that I care about you.
that I love sex and I love you too.
I’m faithful, cross my heart and hope to die.
but I screw the hell out of this one guy.
Sex isn’t a character trait it’s a pass time.
but it seems to be a ungodly crime
to lay my hands on a man.
and hold on as tightly as I can

Conner life Update. 08 October.

Well. It’s my birthday on saturday, I dont care about alcohol, about a party, the truth is i don’t really wanna celebrate my birthday., that was never the celebration I was looking forward to. I’m so excited that maybe I can get Arcade Fire tickets though and also that I’m working at spymissions and my whole job is to bring Joy to children.  I have a job, a school play I wrote, youth theatre, school, great friends. alls well in this fatally flawed paradise bt i’ll make do, Cause I have to

1. Last lie you told?
"I’m just hanging out with luke, not doing much" - lying to stay out and do naughty stuff.

2. Favourite holiday you’ve been on and why?
Orlando, the magic of disney and universal and childhood wonderment.

3. Christmas or Halloween?
Christmas. i love halloween but christmas is full of great memories and the best week of my life was christmas with charlotte.

4. Favourite colour?
chrome coloured

5. Proudest moment?
Standing on stage in Midsummer nights dream final night.

6. If you could go back and change one thing that has happened in your life, what would it be?
30th July. say no more.

7. Any talents?
Writing, Acting, 

8. A famous landmark you want to visit?
Sydney Opera house

9. Last song you listened to?
four year strong - wasting time.

10. Favourite ice cream flavour?
ben and jerry’s phish food

11.  Are you dreading anything right now?
Saturday my birthday

Hatred eats out the soul of the hater not the hated
Alice Herz-Sommer, Holocaust Survivor. 
Conner’s thoughts

why eternal sunshine will always be one of my favourite movies it carries a strong message of not trying to erase our memories. That we should always hold on to good memories and bad no matter how painful. fuck. they can be painful. It teaches you to not just move on, not get rid of someone, it teaches a greater value of love that just resonates with me
People too easily erase eachother from their lifes convince themselves they don’t love each other convince them selfs that that person, that person they loved they cared about they wanted to be with is poisoness and then throws them away. Too many times have I heard friends insult their exes just because they are exes. 
I just want someone who will love me, be honest, who will not lie who will try hard to work through curves for love. Maybe I’m weird but i can’t understand how cutting off someone is the last thing you ever wanna do.

woah that movies makes you think alot. 

King Icarus. by Conner Morris

I flew too close to the sun. 
I wanted to feel heat more than nothing. 
the flames set my wings alight.
towering above cities like a real king. 
people say I was young and naive. 
I mastered the ability of flight. 
I plundered cold back to earth. 
But I still reached the greatest heights. 
I flew too close to the sun. 
I flew the closest of any man. 
When you search for gold. 
I carried out my actual life plan. 
Now everyone knows the name Icarus. 
I have become a tale of caution. 
But I say the motto here. 
Is take the full course, not a portion. 
Don’t settle for Midas’s treasure. 
When you have dreams of your own. 
Reach the soaring skies. 
If you don’t want the fire, fly home. 
The sky is full of mystery. 
and I touched the sun. 
I’m lived more in my own tragedy. 
than you lived in your “fun.”
take your your chance you fool. 
grow your own damn wings. 
because even if you don’t want to fly. 
You have to feel something, anything. 

Just watched “21 Grams.” what a fucking fantastic film. 

Just watched “21 Grams.” what a fucking fantastic film.